Sep 11, 2014

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BM Yabut cites Gov for P167-M infra in 4th district

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO — Pampanga Fourth District Board Member Ricardo Yabut cited the leadership of Governor Lilia Nanay Pineda for providing more than P167-million infrastructure projects in the district’s eight towns from June 2010 to June 2014.
Yabut said this comprises the construction and renovation of school buildings, multi-purpose covered area and stage, elevated comfort rooms for public elementary and secondary students.
It can be observed that all newly constructed classrooms are also elevated.
“I am happy because the governor and I have the same aspiration which is to provide quality education to poor but deserving students,” Yabut said.
The board members noted the elevated classrooms will not only benefit public school students but also their families as well, wherein they can also be used as shelter during calamities and disasters.
He added, “Governor Pineda wants every child to be in school inspite of poverty and that every child deserves to have a decent classroom where he/she can learn comfortably and satisfactorily”.
“Education is one of the top priority programs of the governor in uplifting the standard of every public school in the province, thus, the intellectual part of education is not only considered but the physical aspect as well” board member said.  She highly considers this providing students motivation to learning, he added.
Part of the total sum infrastructure of 23,860,756.81 was alloted to construction and rehabilitation of roads, canals and bridges, P284,201.17 birthing stations, P3,384,075.57 district hospitals and P61,092,877.04 for other buildings and structures.