Nov 11, 2014

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Pampanga pioneers access to Novutek’s latest technology

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO— As Mr. Newton Mapua said in an interview, the provincial government of Pampanga under the Pineda administration, would be the pioneer to have access to the latest technology in early detection of breast cancer.

Governor Lilia Nanay Pineda led the attendance yesterday as the distributor of MEIK (Mammography ElectricaI Komputer),  the Nuvotek, Inc. headed by its President, Mr. Newton Mapua, and Dr. Hil Dineros of LIVLITE group, discussed the latest technology in early detection of breast cancer as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

“Kung mabibili natin ito, ayusin natin ang Malward, lahat kayo hihiga, lahat ng babae sa kapitolyo”, Pineda said. “Di nyo na kailangang magpa ultrasound, magpa-pap’s smear kasi ang pap’s smear ang tagal ng resulta. Napakalaking bagay nito at magagamit natin sa mga ospital natin.” Pineda added.

Dr. Cristina Almonte, one of the speakers, said that according to the World Health Organization (WHO) “Breast cancer  is the most common cancer in women in both developed and less developed countries which includes the Philippines.

She also said that, “it is estimated worldwide that over half a million women, half died due to breast cancer in 2011”.

As this was observed, research showed that Pampanga topped the number of breast cancer cases in the Philippines.                                                                                                                                

In connection, a Philippine Breast Cancer Network was established in 1997 with an “Advocacy for Global Eradication of this unacceptable disease that threatens women of all color, age and race”.

“Breast cancer is not simply a self tragedy but a public health priority that demands action from all” Almonte said.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Breast Cancer Network identified the facts of acquiring breast cancer as discussed by Dr. Almonte such as; all women are at risk of breast cancer; only about 5% are inherited now it’s estimated that only 20% is inherited and 80% environmental; early detection does not prevent breast cancer; mammography fails to detect as much as 20% of all breast cancers and as much as 40% in women under the age 50.; that, 1 out of 4 diagnosed with breast cancer died in the next first 5 years if not treated and identified and risk factors are not necessarily causes of cancer.

This is where the latest technology in early detection of breast cancer comes in. Due to its unique portability feature, medical professionals could perform breast screening at women friendly environments such as work places, community centers and even very remote regions where electrical power may not even be available. It’s painless, no radiation, no age barrier and 3D digital imaging.

It comes with an advanced image analysis and interpretation software with computer aided diagnostic capabilities. Computer aided diagnostics allow doctors to easily interpret the following from MEIK breast images: Early non palpable>3mm; Benign changes and Identification of high risk females.

The MEIK device worth P3.8 million is a joint collaboration between Russia and Canada.

Governor Lilia Pineda thanked the Novutek group for introducing the latest medical equipment and as an exchange of gratitude from the Novutek group, 20 volunteers from the capitol employees were given free screening to test the latest MEIK equipment.

Also with the group were Martin Kozak, CEO, Novutek Inc., Conrad Perreras of Livlite Center.

Also seen at the event were Board Members Rosve Henson and Crisostomo Garbo, Chief-of-Staff Fritzie David-Dizon, Provincial Administrator Andres Pangilinan Jr., and heads and employees of Capitol.