Sep 15, 2011

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Contract For Solid Waste Management Signed; A First In The Country

The Province of Pampanga represented by Governor Lilia G. Pineda and the Municipality of Lubao represented by Mayor Mylyn Pineda-Cayabyab, in partnership with the Pampanga Green Management, Inc. inked a contract (today, Sept. 14) with Mackay Green Energy, Inc., represented by its chairman James Mackay for the processing of the province’s solid waste, a first of its kind in the country.

This developed in the wake of the governor’s efforts to find ways to solve the solid waste problems of the province. Funded completely by the PGMI, the project costs US$63M, “an amount well worth the benefits it brings”, according to Mackay.

A leader for more than 30 years in existing technology for waste management systems, Mackay presented a video and gave a briefing on the technology to be used by the waste to energy plant.

Mackay said the technology makes use of revolutionary turbines which are under contract in 18 different countries.

“We shall process a guaranteed 800 metric tons of solid waste a day which requires no segregation as this will be done on site,” Mackay explained.

Citing the contract as a landmark agreement, Mackay described the technology as “the most responsible way to treat municipal solid waste”.

The proponents cited the following benefits of the technology: no more need for landfills as it is able to process all kinds of waste; able to mine existing landfills; no effluent stream; no leachate, no methane; production of non-fossilized fuel; no pollutants, zero emission; generation of electricity; and production of by-products such as fertilizer.

Mackay explained that the turbine process results into clean air since the combustion chamber only happens externally.

The governor welcomed the benefits to be brought to the province, the environment and its people. She mentioned the absence of leachate, methane and other pollutants as particularly good for the health of the people of Pampanga. She also thanked Mayor Cayabyab of Lubao for providing the site for the project.

“The livelihood to be generated for initially some 300 persons for every 800 MT of municipal solid waste and the education for children instead of having them scavenge for waste for a fee are very good benefits which we look forward to enjoying,” Pineda expounded.

Mackay which has a site based in Germany said they intend to present the Pampanga site as its flag ship project and eventually manufacture all parts in the Philippines, and to make the country as a spring board to supplying its technology in Asia, and then throughout the world. (PIO Pampanga)