Oct 17, 2013

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Fishpond Operators Complains Unregulated Price of Products

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – Pampanga Federation of Fishpond Operators complained to the provincial government the unregulated price of fish in the market due to the unhealthy competition among them.

Benerito Aldana, president of the federation said the price of their major product which is tilapia drops even at P45 per kilo as compared to its ideal price of P65 to P70 per kilogram.

“Some of our brothers in the business stopped their operation because of high inputs yet the price of our product in the market is not enough to cover the expenses,” Aldana stressed.

Aldana disclosed the problem emanated from unhealthy competition among fish farmers who sell their product at very low price especially when the supply is too plenty.

He added fish dealers and agents are taking advantage of the low supply of tilapia and other plus the predicament of the fishermen since there is no regulation in the price of tilapia.

“Fishpond operators were forced to sell their harvest at very low price than to keep their fishes dying. This is what we call kapit sa patalim,” said Aldana

With the creation of the federation fishpond operators, chairman of the committee on agriculture Board Member Ferdinand Labung is optimistic that each member will develop adherence to one another.

“We will avoid this unhealthy competition if every fish farmers and operators will work in close coordination and concern for the sake of one another,” stated Labung.

Board Member Anthony Torres, chairman of the committee on trade and industry said they will formulate guidelines in regulating the price of all pond products that will be strictly imposed to all fish dealers and agents.

For her part Gov. Lilia Pineda vowed to talk to all feed dealers for the provision of affordable pond inputs of the fishpond operators.

The provincial government will also give water aerators to fish farmers group needed to improve oxygen saturation in the water.