Feb 7, 2014

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Luli — My mom works for 2nd district while detained at VMMC

LUBAO, Pamp.— The daughter of Second District Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said her mom is working for the needs of the six municipalities of the second district of Pampanga while detained at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC).
“Rest assured that my mom is continuously working for you through filing important bills in Congress while staying at VMMC,” Luli Arroyo-Bernas, daughter of the former President  told the barangay officials of Lubao during the Kapitolyo sa Barangay program on Tuesday.
Luliu said her mother is working for three important activities – cultural mapping, hazard/disaster mapping and solid waste management planning for the six municipalities of District 2.
The former presidential daughter said her mom wants to identify and protect the remaining “treasures” of the Kapampangan culture through the implementation of cultural mapping.
She said the former President is also concerned on the effective disaster preparedness plan through the implementation of hazard/disaster mapping which would identify the high and low risk areas in the province to prevent danger in times of calamities.
“Lalu na ngeni every year lalala ing natural disasters na daratang qng cecatamung bansa pauli ning global warming. Bista man sasabyan da, “way of life” na ing albug qng distritu/probinsya tamu pero dapat tayang pag-adyan.( Especially, every year the natural disaster in our country is reaching an alarming proportion because of global warming. Although, they say that flooding in our district/province is now a way of life but we should be prepared),” Luli said.
Luli, who addressed on Tuesday the municipal and barangay officials here said her mother is also planning for an effective implementation of solid waste management to help control the looming garbage problem in the 2nd district.
“ My mom is updated with what is happening in the province through her VMMC extension office, congressional and district offices here and from the provincial and municipal officials who constantly visiting her at the hospital,” she said.
“Lagi yang maka-antabe at maka-suporta y ima cu qng nanu man mangasanting a proyektu at programa na macasaup qng cecatamung probinsya para mas sumulung ya pa (My mom is always supporting the good projects of the provincial Capitol that help boost the development of the province),”Luli said in vernacular.
Luli said the former President is so glad that the provincial government through the leadership of Governor Lilia Pineda is actively implementing the Pampanga Development (PDP) which she crafted in 2010.
She noted that the detention of her mother at the VMMC is no hindrance in serving the people in the province particularly in the 2nd district.
She said that her mother is optimistic that she could pass this chapter of her life with triumph.
In addition, the former President is extending her gratitude to the people who continuously trust her leadership in the congressional district.” Miss na miss na na cayu pu ima cu ( My mom really miss you), “she added.