Oct 31, 2019

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On proposed establishment of Philippines Arayat Training School (PATS) Gov Delta, Mayor Bon give green light

Ayn Nunag | Pampanga PIO

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA – Governor Dennis ‘Delta’ Pineda and Arayat Mayor Emmanuel ‘Bon’ Alejandrino gave the green light to the establishment of the proposed Philippines Arayat Training School (PATS) over the weekend during their meeting at the governor’s office, here.

Mayor Alejandrino said PATS is a vocational training school aimed at providing better opportunities to indigent communities.

“Its construction will start on the first week of November with a land area of approximately five hectares at Barangay Tabuan,” the mayor said.

He added that the training school will accept 300 students on its first term and will expand to 1,000 enrolees next year, sighting for a total of 10,000 trainees to undergo extensive skills training.

Student beneficiaries are guaranteed to work in Japan’s 50 biggest companies once qualified.

According to Fumio Tamura, chairman of Quiambao Tabuan Rice Mill and PATS, the Municipality of Arayat gave their full partnership on the construction of the establishment.

“From time to time, we have a partnership with the Municipality of Arayat. We already presented the project to the Mayor, Vice-Mayor and the other boards. They are very proud and very happy that there will be this kind of project in Arayat—helping the community and the indigent” Ferdinand Gomez, Tamura’s translator said.


Current Situation of Japan

Due to Japan’s shortage of workers affected by its low birth-rate and aging, the country is expected to increase its foreign workers encouraging the Filipinos to set foot in most of its companies.

At present, there are 270,000 Filipinos, out of 2.6 million foreign workers residing in Japan.

Leading the Philippines to rank as 4th in the most number of foreign workers following China, South Korea and Vietnam.

“Specific Skills” Working Visa

To further solve Japan’s shortage situation, a new working visa was implemented last April wherein aspiring applicants must be 18 years old and above, and may acquire their visa through passing skills and Japanese examinations.

Qualified workers may reside in Japan for five years and continue to settle if they pass the Specific Skills No. 2 examination which is a requirement for capability and expertise level.

A Vocational Training School

Japanese native teachers will facilitate a one year intensive education to students through a boarding school system. Students will learn Japan’s language, culture, and business manner while skills training will be taught by Filipino teachers.

PATS will also prepare scholarships and co-operate with secondary schools in Arayat, providing them with two years of Japanese preparatory.

While the Philippine Transmarine Carriers Inc will perform the curriculum and class management.

Courses Offered

Moreover, the current courses that PATS will be offering are Civil Engineering, Construction, Hotel Management, Nursing Care, and Agriculture.

Governor Dennis ‘Delta’ Pineda poses with Sta. Rita Mayor Dagi Salalila , Floridablanca Mayor Darwin Manalansan, Chairman Fumio Tamura, Arayat Mayor Emmanuel ‘Bon’ Alejandrino and Macabebe Mayor Leonardo Flores .