Oct 8, 2013

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Pampanga Livestock Safe from Outbreaks

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – The provincial veterinary office (PVET) reported that no disease outbreak for livestock has been encountered for the past three years despite calamities that hit the province.

Dr. Augusto Baluyut Jr., provincial veterinarian said their office focused on the eradication, prevention and treatment of all forms of animal diseases to ensure quality of livestock, poultry and domestic animals used for work and human consumption.

He said changes in the climate and environment condition have effects on the health of the animals but it can be prevented and controlled to avert outbreaks through vaccinations and monitoring.

Records from PVET show that the province has conducted series of vaccination to fight diseases on livestock such as anti-rabies vaccination to 41, 285 dogs, cats and monkey; hemorrhagic septicemia vaccination to 7, 862 carabaos, cattle, goats and sheep; porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome vaccination to 3,387 heads of swine and 821 different sick-animals treated.

“Since 2011, the province did not encounter any form of major disease outbreaks affecting livestock and poultry population. Our office through the instruction of Gov. Lilia Pineda has taken all the necessary actions to keep livestock in the province safe from diseases,” he said.

Dr. Baluyut explained that it is important to keep an eye on the livestock condition in the province to guarantee the safety of the public.

“Any animal disease can be passed to human when they eat the meat or when they get close to them. So it is has a bandwagon effect both to livestock and human,” he said.

He also urged everyone to immediately report any unusual occurrence both to domestic and commercial animals to prevent spread of diseases.

At present, the province livestock populations are as follows: 12 396 carabao, 6 788 cattle, 26 595 goats, 950 000 ducks, 3 801 845 layers, 4 831 257 broilers, 38 671 pigs, 130 000 commercial pigs, and 200 000 dogs.