Dec 3, 2013

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Pampanga Medical Mission in Leyte Serves 2,098 Yolanda Victims

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – The provincial government’s medical mission in Javier, Leyte served a total of 2,098 Yolanda victims suffering from injuries and other illnesses.

The activity dubbed as “Medical Mission Handog ng Mamamayan sa Pampanga” visited four barangays of Javier distributing P950, 521 worth of medicines and medical supplies.

The medical teams of the province headed by the provincial health office (PHO) is composed of seven personnel; seven physicians; two medical technologists; and six nurses who are capable of doing medical, surgical, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecological services.

Dr. Marcelo Jaochico, provincial health officer, who led the medical team, reported that they were able to render medical services to 1, 211 patients, 847 pediatric services, 7 O.B Gyne services and 33 surgeries.

According to PHO report, most of the victims of the calamities suffered from upper respiratory tract infections, hypertension, skin diseases, diarrhea, amoebiasis, asthma, arthritis, wounds, tension headache, vitamin deficiency, peptic ulcer and diabetis.

“There is also this man who was paralyzed because he was hit when a wall behind him collapsed. He needs medical attention from a hospital. We just gave him first aid treatment and medicines,” Jaochico narrated.

The provincial health officer also said the health of the people in Leyte is at risk without clean water, and because of the unhealthy condition of the surroundings.

“The smell of cadaver, and decaying animals and trees is everywhere. The sanitary facilities are inadequate and the water and food are prone to contamination,” he said.

Despite the hardships they encountered during the mission, Dr. Jaochico said the Pampanga medical team, if given a chance is willing to return and help more people.