Oct 17, 2013

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Pampanga Towns 100 Percent ELA Compliant

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – All 19 municipalities and 2 cities in the province formulated their Executive and Legislative Agenda (ELA) making Pampanga the first province in the region to be 100 percent ELA-compliant.

Director Myrvi Fabia of the Department of Interior and Local Government Pampanga disclosed that this is the first time that all the local government units in the province completed their ELA.

“For the first time all LGUs in the province had completed their executive-legislative agenda formulation. And Pampanga is the first province to finished ELA in Central Luzon,” she stated.

Fabia said since September, DILG Pampanga had conducted seminar workshop and other technical interventions each town that would facilitate the formulation of ELA.

“Most of the local officials are enthusiastic in completing their ELA but they need guidelines. We conducted seminar-workshop to help them draft their agenda of governance,” said Fabia.

The DILG Pampanga Director added that ELA is significant in local governance. It serves as a guide in the systematic implementation of project of the local and provincial government.

She said it is also culled out from the comprehensive development plans which contain the major development priorities of both executive and legislative bodies for the three-year term of office.

“ELA is mutually developed and agreed upon by both executive and legislative branches of the local government units. This will serve as a guide for their next three years in government service,” explained Fabia.